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Our people are our brand! When you join CitiFour, you are joining a powerful network of talented professionals.


Why CitiFour?

We provide opportunities to build a unique experience and lifelong connections with colleagues and customers – all around us. At CitiFour, it’s about creating a work environment where you can be inspired and be inspiring to others. An environment, where you can grow and feel a sense of belonging.

We are Hiring

We seek out the most likable professionals with the brightest minds, and highest motivation. Whether you are starting your career or looking to move to the next level, an opportunity at CitiFour empowers you to customize a career that works for you and help you achieve your goals. We offer challenging work, great working experience, a rewarding environment, meaningful development opportunities and flexibility.
We are keen to make sure our employees are happy and successful, as they are the ones who keep our business going. We are building a unique team of professional experts to help our company and colleagues prosper and advance their career to reach their goals and aspirations.

At CitiFour, it’s about putting people first.


Broaden your skills. Broaden your knowledge. Broaden your career.

We know that culture matters. We aim to make our culture sustains employee enthusiasm, self-motivations, career success, personal happiness and job fulfillment.


our culture

We strongly believe that workplace should not be something that people dread every day. Employees should look forward to going and conducting their jobs at their best. We strive to make our workplace a better place and enjoyable at every moment. We believe that working at CitiFour shouldn’t provoke stress in employees. While their work may be challenging, we believe that our culture should be inclusive, motivating, rewarding, respectful, friendly and a lot fun. Our culture is designed to have employees be part of our success story that would be reflected on their life styles, family happiness and career success.

why should you join us?

This is a company where you will be surrounded by intelligent, motivated, creative and forward-thinking people. We recognize that a culture that celebrates individuality and leverages those differences represents an enormous competitive advantage. Simply put, a work environment where people feel valued and included is a place where people soar.

We offer challenging work, meaningful development opportunities and flexibility that’s hard to match. Above all, we are building a community of professionals with a culture built on the smart, likeable people we surround ourselves with.

Be part of our group success!