A Changed Competitive World

Our global competitive world has changed, with significant implications on where to play & how to execute. Most businesses recognize this. And yet, most struggle with how to execute on both, leaving them at a loss of how to do either. And here it gets exciting…Because we all live in a changed competitive world, catalyzed by technologies both existing and emerging and new business models – a fancy term of how to orchestrate your capabilities to deliver value.

A changed competitive world requires new strategic questions and new approaches to answer them.

The questions?

1. Where is value being created… and destroyed… in the ecosystems in which we are engaged – and what does that mean in terms of “where we play” and “how we execute” on these new opportunities?

2. How, when and how much will technology (different types of digital technologies and Cognitive Computing) impact our industries / businesses / society – and what do we do about it?

3. What needs to be our resulting Workforce of the Future – and how do we prepare for it?

4. How we ensure that we create both greater economic & societal impacts?


So, what might one do to answer and execute on these questions?

First: Recognize that doing what you’ve been doing before – only better, faster, cheaper is no longer the competitive game to play.
Second: Recognize that there exist new models underlying explosive growth companies – and more tangibly, 4 lessons that underlie their growth, irrespective of geography, industry and size.


So, the action becomes: to learn and extend these 4 lessons to help you answer the new strategic questions and most importantly, execute on them differently, with speed and scale.

Our Proposition to You

To work with you to develop, design and execute on distinctive, and fast Digital Transformation and/or Innovation journeys based on the 4 lessons of explosive growth.To get started, we have developed three offerings:

A changed competitive world requires new strategic questions and new approaches to answer… and execute on them. We’ll guide on the journeys to do so.


Explore Your Business Ecosystem

 Explore the implications of the 4 lessons underlying explosive growth companies on your strategic objectives.


Digital Transformation (DX) Strategy Development

 Develop an ecosystem-centric DX strategy and phased execution plan based on the 4 lessons of explosive growth.


Innovation Program Design & Execution Plan

Innovation is only effective if it is focused onto new areas of value / impact. This program design provides rigor into the processes, methods, metrics, governance, focus and underlying technologies to align strategic intent and measurable innovation impact.