Innovation has a crisp objective: To deliver new sources of values in new ways.A robust innovation program is one that delivers on that objective, while building your capabilities to do so, over and over again.


As technologies advance, customer expectations evolve, and market conditions shift, our competitive landscape changes.  A changed competitive landscape, therefore, requires a new 20%. Herein lies a critical lesson on how to design and orchestrate high impact innovation programs: to help identify, test, and build the new 20% critical to capture 70% of new value.

20% of capabilities that underlie any and all organizations drive 70% of value of that organization.


Innovation increasingly matters.  The data supports what many intuitively know;

Of companies have innovation on the management agenda.
Have a formal innovation program.
Have chief innovation officers.
Top innovative organizations have an average annual growth of 13% compared with 5% for others.


A service offering to help you capture new sources of value in new ways.

Building your capabilities to do so over and over again requires, from our perspective, an agile innovation, one in service to your strategic objectives and adaptable to identify, explore and catalyze the new 20% critical to capture 70% of new value.  Effective innovation programs put in place rigorous, effective methods, processes, analytic insights and collaborative platform to help you do so.The adjacent figure depicts the core elements underlying high impact innovation programs.

Next steps

Our proposition to you is crisp: Help you strengthen your innovation capabilities to identify and catalyze the new 20% of capabilities critical to capture 70% of new value. Our advisory partner designed, deployed and enhanced innovation programs with organizations – both public and private around the world.  Some of their clients included Shell Oil, Exxon, City of Cape Town (Smarter Cities), a large Asian Banking Group out of Singapore, Department of Health (South Africa), CitiGroup, Nike, National Defense University, Mayo Clinic, Caterpillar, Dow Chemical, and many others.


Focus, around new foundations

Orchestrate alignment with strategic objectives as well as ‘where to focus’ to capture new sources of value in new ways.

Portfolio Alignment & Mix

Ensure a relevant mix between incremental, adjacent and breakthrough efforts, depending on time frames and risk / return profiles

Innovation Journeys / Pathways

Clarify when to use different methods / capabilities for the right reason. Different types of tools, techniques and methods exist – ranging from rapid prototyping, lean-startup, business model canvas, always-on challenges, shark-tanks, hackathons and so on.

Capabilities and Roles 

Design what is needed when, and with whom to partner to do what, given that innovation programs require a variety of capabilities to orchestrate and roles for different folks to play.

Governance, Metrics & Value Frameworks

Design activities to engage the business and different stakeholders, each of whom are motivated by different objectives.