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We provide state-of-art Information and Communication Technology infrastructure to serve a wide range of customers’ Digital Business Transformation requirements.

Networking and Communication

CitiFour offers end-to-end communication and networking solutions to support digital transformation projects across a wide spectrum of industries. We partnered with leading communication technology providers to address the most critical business challenges in the Digital Business Transformation journeys.

Active Technologies

We provide technology solutions for an entire networking environment to enables connectivity, communication, operations and management across the organization.

Networking Infrastructure

Wired & Wireless Communication
Sensors-based Networks (IoT)
Software Defined Networking

Data Center and Cloud

DC Infrastructure Management
Cloud-Based Technologies
Computing & Virtualization
Data Storage & Backup
Availability & Disaster Recovery

Cyber and physical Security

Network & Web Security
IoT Threat Defense
Data Center & Cloud Security
Advanced Threat Protection
Secure Mobility and Endpoint

Networking InfraStructure

Networking infrastructure services are the platform upon which the business runs on. We believe in providing the best networking platforms capabilities with unique services offering including but not limited to:

Wired & Wireless Infrastructure

Sensors and IoT Networks

Software Defined Networking

Data Center and Cloud

Our solutions offering goes across a wide spectrum in the Data Center space. Starting with common infrastructure components such as servers, storage, and virtualization to a more complex technologies for customers in the private and/or public sectors. Some of the technologies and services offered are


Computing and Virtualization


Infrastructure Management


DC Next Generation Software Defined X


Storage, Backup, Disaster Recovery


Software Defined Storage and Networking


Big Data Analytics, Cyber Security Management

Cyber Security

Attacks today are more sophisticated, pervasive, and proficient than ever before. They can evade and disrupt common ICT & IoT communication and computing infrastructures.
What can you do differently? In collaboration with our advanced security partners, we provide advanced security and protection across the ICT & IoT environments – before, during, and after an attack. Some of our solutions offerings are

Advanced Threat Protection

We are able to analyze attacks and hidden gaps and adapt automatically to emerging threats to boost protection.

IoT Threat Defense

Get extensible, scalable protection against cyber-attacks and compromised IoT devices. We can help you analyze both your network and external traffic to detect and block threats.

Data Center Security

Protect high-value information and data center assets with threat defense, highly secure virtualization, segmentation, and policy control.

Secure Mobility and Endpoint

We deliver consistent and context-aware security services across the network resources and users while enabling the organization employees to work on devices anywhere and anytime.

Cloud Security

We provide capabilities to securely adopt the cloud and protect your information, users, and applications anywhere.

Secure Content Gateway

We provide needed protection from constant, dynamic, and rapidly evolving email and web threats

Building a secure technology environment requires a holistic view of how users, applications, systems and processes interact with each other’s.

Passive Technologies

SP (In-Side Plant) Passive Infrastructure

OSP (Out-Side Plant) Passive Infrastructure

Data Center Physical Infrastructure Solution