AI is the Unsung Hero of Digital Marketing

AI is the Unsung Hero of Digital Marketing

As the technologies behind Artificial Intelligence (AI) advance, a number of surprising uses have surfaced. These use cases for AI are revolutionizing businesses across a multitude of industries. One of these surprising cases for AI is in the digital marketing landscape.


Effective marketing strategies are based on information gathering and understanding your audiences. Over the years, AI technologies have expanding and grown their capabilities, and include useful applications like helping marketers make data-based decisions for their marketing campaigns.


Here are a few exciting uses we’re keeping our eyes on when it comes to using AI in digital marketing.


Generating Content


Imagine a world where a machine can write and generate content from scratch. Well, you don’t have to imagine too hard, because it’s entirely possible right here, right now.


Certain types of content can be created by AI. Of course, AI doesn’t have the capability of producing highly opinionated pieces, but content based on data and information are entirely possible, and news outlets are utilizing it regularly. By using AI for content writing, agencies are able to save time and human resources.


Currently, news agencies are utilizing intelligent tools to create traffic on their websites. Templates that for fill-in-the-blank capabilities allow writers to enter data and keywords that make the piece feel and read as if a human has written it.


Content Recommendations


We’ve all been on a website when something either pops up directing us to another page or where we see a list of links somewhere displayed captioned with something to the effect of “we think you might like…” This is the handiwork of AI.


AI is able to make personalized recommendations to the user to curate a personalized reading or shopping experience. AI will learn the reader’s or shopper’s preferences and make recommendations that they may find interesting. And research shows that this use of AI is typically reliable.


Email Marketing


We’ve all been annoyed by unsolicited marketing emails, and more often than not, we simply hit the delete button. Using AI, marketers can learn consumers’ preferences to send better emails that have a higher likelihood of being opened and read.


Machine learning can pick up on consumers’ email habits and provide recommendations such as the best time of day to email them, what content is most likely to interest them, how many emails they should receive, and what subjects and titles are most likely to result in a click.


Setting up an email campaign and analyzing its effectiveness and making adjustments on each client’s preference can take an immense amount of time and human resources. With AI, marketers can automate much of this with great results.




While AI has been utilized in a number of areas of digital marketing, digital advertising has proven to be the most fruitful ground for its use.


Many leading companies, such as Google and Facebook, use AI in their advertising campaigns to target consumer populations with individualized ads that prompt them to act. AI technology in digital advertising can learn a user’s information like interests and demographics to target ads at consumers.


AI services have also reached the level of sophistication where they are able to also tell businesses not only which audiences are most likely to convert but also which platforms are worth the investment to get the desired consumer actions.


User Experience


AI is also able to deliver a customer user experience each time a consumer accesses a business’s website. Through analyzing thousands of data points on a user, AI can display content that is interesting and most relevant to him or her to hopefully prompt a desired action. When users feel a website is customized to their preferences, they are more likely to report better experiences and convert at a higher rate.


In addition to the above uses of AI in the world of digital marketing, a number of other exciting capabilities are already being utilized, and new possibilities are on the horizon. As AI gains more traction and technology continues to be developed and refined, exciting new frontiers will certainly come to light. But in the meantime, the capabilities for AI to change the digital marketing landscape are numerous and fairly well documented.

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