Technology SERVICES

CitiFour services team has experienced, qualified and highly skilled resources with various industry-recognized certifications from multiple vendors. The team has deployed numerous successful projects ranging from small, medium to large scale nearly in all industries across the region and has by far achieved the highest customer satisfaction rating and feedback.

CitiFour will continue to excel in delivering implementation
and integration services with the highest quality standards for the following technologies

Information and Communication Technologies

We offer solutions implementation of next generation ICT Infrastructure based on industry best practices to address the needs of customers across multiple industries. We are capable of delivering IT services including

Networking Infrastructure

Unified Communication

Application Implementation

DC and Cloud

Intelligent Mobility

Cyber Security Services

Systems Integration

Smart Building Technologies

CitiFour offer turnkey smart building solutions by integrating innovative and converge ELV/ICT infrastructure and applications within the building environment, to provide the digital working and living experiences that customers need. Our team are specialized and certified across variety of technologies including


Building Automation Systems


Physical Security 


Public Address System




Parking Management System

Creative abstract digital video, mobile streaming media and film cinema industry production concept: mobile laptop or business notebook computer PC and stack of rolls with filmstrips isolated on white background

Audio Visual & Media Systems


Building Energy Optimization


Intelligent Cabling Infrastructure

Industrial Internet of Things

Everything is being connected to internet. We are undoubtedly the best in this innovative space. We offer high performance IoT technology solutions for multiple industrial use-cases. Our technology services are delivered either independently or in collaboration with specialized software development and integration companies; Our Services in this area


Assets and People Tracking & Locating


Fleet Management


IIoT Middleware Platforms


Edge Device Management


Analytics & Insights


Digital Twins & Industrial AR


At CitiFour, our goal in project management is to ensure that customers’ projects objectives are achieved, and they are delivered on time with the highest quality and at the lowest costs.

A Phased Approach Based on PMBOK® Guide

Our project managers orchestrate all deployment teams’ activities and managing the process according to a customer-specific project plan.


Our certified engineers design for a variety of specialized business
value-added services and digital use-cases tailored for specific industries and domains.


CitiFour specialized technology teams work closely with our technology partners, to assess, design, and implement optimum solutions that meet our customers’ needs, financial budgets, and business performance expectations.

1. Need Analysis

Our experts will analyze your current business needs, requirement, processes and long-term business goals. This critical step helps ensure the overall success of developing the right solution and serves as the basis for infrastructure design.

2. Environment Assessment

We help customers assess their current and future technology requirements and provide them with recommendations for today and the future.  We help them in the areas of capacity planning, technology refresh, and technology adoption.

 3. Architecture Design

We work with our customers to plan, design, and manage the technical architectures that underpin the delivery of technology services. We design for efficiency, technical flexibility, and more importantly to meet customer’s functional requirements and budget.

4. Integration, Installation, & Testing

We employ certified engineers and technicians to handle the assembly, installation, configuration and Integration of all solutions elements. We meticulously stage, configure, test each component.

5. Knowledge Transfer and Final Documentation

We also aid with planning and managing the transition period, to ensure a smooth transfer from the legacy to the new.

  • > Providing knowledge transfer sessions to the customer.
  • > Preparation and submission of all as-built

6. Handover to CitiFour Support 

When solution implementation is finalized, the project is handed over to the support department.

  • > Handover of all technical details and documents to CitiFour Support Department.
  • > Conduct technical session with the support team for medium to large scale project deployments.


Initiating Phase 

The purpose of this phase is to refine the definition of the project objectives and establish the proper project management and quality control environment for the project at its onset and to identify the resources required to create each deliverable. The foundation of every successful project is a detailed definition of the project that is understood and agreed upon by all stakeholders. This phase creates the initial working documents that will be used to manage the execution of the project.

Planning Phase

During this Phase, the implementation team assesses the readiness of the site, the procurement team orders the equipment to be delivered within the time-frame set for the project; the implementation team builds the Low-Level Design; and the Project Manager updates the detailed Project Plan and monitors the progress to ensure the project remains under control and the scope is met on-time. The key success factor for any project is proper planning.

Executing Phase 

The purpose of this phase is to manage every aspect of project delivery to assure the project is successful. At this point, the Project Definition has been signed off and approved and the project management working deliverables have been established. In this phase, the execution of the project is being managed and its progress tracked against the plans established during the Initiating and Planning Phases. To ensure the project stays on schedule and within budget, performance is monitored against the project plan and adjustments are made as necessary.

Monitoring and Control Phase

Progress is periodically reported to the Stakeholders via Project Status Reports and review meetings. The goal of these meetings and reports is to help evaluate the "health and progress" of the project against the Project Definition and Milestones within the parameters of the Project Plan. These status meetings and reports provide Stakeholders and Management with a consistent view of the project accomplishments, commitments, and challenges. For a successful project, all issues are quickly and effectively resolved before the Project Schedule / Plan is negatively impacted.

Closing Phase

The purpose of this phase is to properly manage the closure of a project. GBM understands that the manner in which we complete the project will provide a lasting positive impression. During this phase, the completion of the project execution tasks is performed; the Technical handover is done; all project deliverables are inspected; control documents are created, acknowledged, and filed; project's documentation and history are properly preserved for future reference; lessons learned are communicated and Project Management Methodology is updated to incorporate any lessons which had impacted it.

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